Monday, February 20, 2012



ive been leaving my blog to turn moldy since mths ago!!!

i guess i need to update this space more soon. since ive the Blog apps downloaded to my phone.
now i wonder if the apps actualy works a not..

some quick updates.
ive officially resigned from a big bank and joined a boutique firm. of cos with better remunerations. bt then the work is getting bad. I've been clocking OT since the 1st week of work and it has not reduced yet!
ive got to be strong and not do anything stupid! cos the BTO looks like it will be completed anytime next year. i need to tighten my purse already!
and it also shows that my ring may come anytime soon! n it looks like its gg to b here ba. cos! bf picked his phone in front of me. haha! better not expect anything or assume it will be anytime soon. i dont wan to be disappointed.
ring coming soon, may mean that i need to start my diet plan laio! i dont wan to stress myself only when the ring comes. i need to look at least better during the proposal isnt it??
hahaha.. i very kaisu i noe..
looks like this post is filled with words!!

i wanted to post my OTD one. bt den i v lazy to upload photos!

ending my post with a very lovely song.
the song that has been replaying in me!

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