Monday, December 12, 2011

Lazy BUM!

finaly here to blog.
been such a lazy bum!
haha! not exactly lazy. but i was busy with my 2 weeks trip.
busy with the packing and toiletries & Daiso shopping.
how can a trip be complete without Daiso vacuum ziplock bag? esp when u need to bring along trenchcoat, boots, thick scarves, mufflers, knitted wear and thick socks??
how to squueze everything onto a 26in luggage yet leaving enough space for all the spree tat i will be going??

keeping a lil secret of where i will be heading... for u to guess and for me to announce in a new post.

hint: it's snowy! wheee...
so many photos to edit! OMG!
cant wait to show the photos. :))

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