Saturday, November 5, 2011


been Missing in Action for almost a mth..
tis is cos i haf sooo many weddings to attend EVERY weekend!
im getting broke.
Chinese Weddings are an expensive dinner to begin with.
BUT! Happy Blissful Weddings to all the dinner that i was invited to! May the love continues...

Happy Hari Raya Haji to all the Muslims, & happy long weekend to all, except myself!
i need to go office tmr.. booos!

Shall let the photos do the talking ->> brief thru the mth of Oct.

Finaly gotten my hair sett!
Rebonded & Dyed. Yes! i finally see Golden Brown on my hair!!!
No photos of the colored hair yet. Cos i separated the sessions to minimize the damages.
the Treatment After my Rebonding.
I looked like i came frm some galaxy out there. with the blue lightings.
or i shd say my hair is on FIRE! smokey! ekekke

Tadah! my straight hair with Bangs. ok, i noe it's BLACK!!

Yummy Arnold's Potato Platter.
I actualy like their chips ONLY! i mean for this platter. How i wish i can jus order the chips, bt D wans to eat their criss cross fries. =( sadded!!!

My ALL TIME FAV - Bao Bei Ban Mian (Pacific Clams)
this is almost all my craving when i go CP to stock up!
hahaha.. yums ttm!!!
im salivating when i blogging about this !!

i jus realised that i went for so many wedding dinners, but i took almost NNIL photos!!! cos i usu carry a clutch out. v difficult to bring my Darling Camera out.
that explains only one photo! taken with my iphone.

Its been really the LONGEST time since i last met my girls on weekend!
finaly we make some time out, and decided to head for brunch.
Fine Palate @ WaterLoo Street.
managed to booked ourselves a table at a quiet corner.
the food was nice and the companionship was Wonderfully FUN!

The Yoghurt Pancakes. i love the Fluffiness of each bite. :)

The bread Pudding is someting to die for! super worth the try. it's served warmed and literally filled out mouth with it's fragance.
The Candied Ginger is unqiue and nice to eat on its own too.

Shall Continute Blogginag another day.
Time to hit the sacks.

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