Tuesday, November 1, 2011


ASOS A-Lined Skirt
i Love the way the Skirt flare from the slimmest part of the waist.
Makeing my Thunderous Thigh looks Slimmer.
The velvety Material is smooth and comfy to skin!
This skirt has officially mutate itself to my weekly office bottom. :)

Love Bonito - Langdon Top - Rust
I hearts the Color of this top.
the material is enuff to keep one warm in office yet nt TOO hot at outdoors.
But a lil negative pt, due to my fat arms,the material is nt stretchy enuff to accomodate me.
thus making the top looking a lil weird and the cut out shoulder area doesnt look as nice. time to lose wt!

Dressing Dollies - Sequinned Detail vest Cardigan
Super love the Sequinned details at the shoulder.
Making the vest stands out frm the rest.
Easy to match with comfortable material.
the longer hems at the front makes me look slimmer at the same time more stylish!

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