Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Happily Ever After

Congrats to my beloved cousin!
Wishing you and hubby, happiness always and sweetly in love forever.

looks like it's gonna be my turn after yours!
cos i'm like the next one in Q after u to have a stable bf and applied for hse also.
well well well, my turn wont b tat early cos i still wanna enjoy while waiting for my BTO to be ready!

i've forgotten to bring my camera that day again!!!!
all the photos below are snippnets from my iPhone.

the dinner was great and making it looks like a family gathering.
jus like CNY! :)

Most Kawaii Flowergirl!

Me & Flowergirl!

Me, Dear & Vivienne!

Chloe & Vivienne!

Me & Maine!

Me, Dear, Chloe & Malcom!

so many ppl ard me are getting married recently.
one of my pal's wedding tt i attended was even making me feel more like stepping onto the red carpet.
it was a simple wedding affair bt i'm also nt sure y i haf this intense feeling in me!
uh! bt i;m nt prepared to marry yet, cos i need to slim down like 10KG in order to look best.
how to shed 10KG from myself?
Liposuction? Gym regime?
Yoga sessions?

maybe i shd cut down on junk food. bt looks pretty hard. boo..

been feeding myself with gd food!
resultant: EVEN FATTER! time to Diet after i recover.

Counting down to 28Nov!
CANT WAIT no more! :D

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