Friday, October 7, 2011

Sarang - Heyo

saw many reviews of the Sarang Korean Restaurant, D & I decided to try on 1 god friday after work.

we usu pak-tor on fridays and leaving most weekends to ourselves.
somemore by the time i off work to the time i rch town, it will usu be betw 7-8 pm.
lookin at the time i rch town, im always left with 1 choice (either we shop or we eat)
like wth! rite?
who asked me wanna work soooooo far away from town...
working in a kampung area. taking 1-1.5 hr to rch office.
the trip will be even more horrendous if there is traffic jam. aiyah! i noe SG is always jamming like crazy during peak hrs.
i even experienced 3 hrs jam before lor. sooooo crazy! i can even fly to HKG liao!! hahaha..!
finally! the crazy trip will end soon.
i was given an opportunity to chge job!
im feel like im "headhunted" cos it was my fren who called me! wheee..

bt now! im regretting my choice!
cos i am now under the care of a good boss.
with helpful colleagues!
nice to each other, always taking care of each other.
wat more can i ask for?
everything is too late.
i've resigned.
i've signed the letter of offer.
i've to go in Dec.

well! i just hope the next job will be a better one.
or prob the last one in this field, as in being a svc provider.
haha. wish me lucks peeps.

woops! jus realised that i went further away from the topic.

i wanted to showcase the sumptous feast.

the welcome GONG!
the staff really hit the gong when u enter the restaurant!
a lil paiseh yet kinda cool! :)

i think the name is call: super star.
to be exact: it is actualy my all time fav - Spicy Chicken
they haf gt alot of veg in it. lettuce and carrots and onions if my memory nv fail me.
topped with almond nuts..
it came along with corns and mashed potato too.
enuff for one person to handle.

Chicken Bong Bong
When i saw this name, i literally sang: "chi chi bong bong, chi bong chi bong"
hahah!! so lame i noe.
the chicken wings tasted like tempura.
smthg that i may nt order again. cos it's kinda tasteless without the sweet chilli sauce. :|

my Must order everytime i go korean restaurant!!
yum to the max i tell u.
the name is so lame!
Piggy Jumps Over the Well! reminds me of buddha jumps over the wall.
the soup tastes so perfect. not too spicy nor overwhelming.
i simply love it.
the pork belly is marinated one lor. so it doesnt taste that bland!

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