Monday, October 3, 2011

Me Love Gelish Nails!

saw baby's fren nails and fell in love with it.
ok, im a manicure/pedicure lover.
i cannot say NO to them.
Love Pretty nails. they jus make my day! hehe.

i used to do my nails at home. cos i have a manicurist who is home based, means she comes over to my hse!
shiok ahhh.. *chuckles*
imagine a busy day at work and once u rch home, u start pampering yourself..
but cos she doesnt provide gelish yet, so i headed to my baby's fren manicure shop to try out the gelish!
not bad service. bt kinda far from my work place.
cos i working at Expo! freaking far!!!!

aft the manicure session, i have totaly forgotten abt the "lay cheyness" of the long journey frm Expo to Cityhall.
cos the nails are jus wonderful!

my 1st set of nails.
simple n bling. who dont like blings??

my 2nd set of nails.
Shocking pink & silver glitters!

oops! jus realise that there is abit of pen ink stained!
try spotting it! hehehe..
ok! i admit i secretly snap this photo at work. *hides*

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