Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Happy Birthday papa!

hope you enjoy the dimsum lunch tat we brought u to.
may you be healthy and happy always.
daddy been falling sick more frequently this yr.
looks like age has gotten onto daddy recently.
daddy nv takes more den 2 mc per yr, but this yr he has clocked more den 5 mc at least.
daddy! pls take care of yourself.

nonetheless, we treated him for dim sum yesterday.
cos we really haf no idea wat to get for him.
daddy's always been v thrifty, saving up his money on us.
once i bought him a pair of pedro shoe, bt he cant bear to wear it even till now! i bot him his pair like on father's day last yr.
mum bot him Prada wallet, but he nv chge it and he is forever using the Ted baker wallet tat i've gotten him 3-4 father's day back.
he has almost eveything new and branded, bt he nv touches them.

We brought him for Dim Sum at Ion, D's recommendation.
the food is yummy lor. serious!
comparable to Shang Palace that we always frequent.
but the luncheon hr is kinda limited, as in we cannot sit for as long as we want.
we booked a table at 12.30 and we need to leave the table by 1.50pm
that's a lil short.
and tis place is forever crowded, i make reservations like 2-3 weeks in advanced!
beri kiasu i noe.

yummy dimsum coming your way!

the photos got me drooling!
i will definately revisit it again!
yay!! :D


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