Thursday, September 29, 2011


Went to D's colleague so called housewarming.
very little attendees thou.

first ting that i noticed in the hse was, there was NO teevee!!!
not even in the bedrooms..
im like huh??!
how can it be rite? ahahah! their reason for no teevee is cos they prefer to ppstream movies den teevee cos they are seldom at home.
so sad! i definately cannot survive without it, esp SCV!

Bt D's colleague can really whipped up a feast. for the fact that he is a guy.
did not manage to snap the photos cos i was a wee bit shy to mingle myself ard.
and who noes they will tink tat i'm crazy!
u noe.. haha!
recalling the menu for that nite, there were fish, prawns, clams, dongpo meat and the delicious soup!
oh! talking abt it, i mged to snap a peekture of it!

to my surprise, the ice started to "melt" when we started playing the card game.
Seriously i think for a large grp of frens/strangers, group games esp card games can really get everyone warmed up! kekeke...

guess what i saw from their bookshelf!

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