Saturday, October 1, 2011

Mad for Garlic Gathering

a lil outdated post... =(

finally, all of us are free to make it for dinner sometime back.
was still thinking of where to settle for dinner.
den we rem tat we haf special staff discount at Mad for Garlic.
Heard lotsa ravings abt the place, but none of ur have tried it yet.

our virgin experience.
but it was really a nice one.

let the photos do the talking. :)

inner decor.
very garlicy too.. with a touch of atas huh. i mean the wine and wineglasses. hehe..

First up: Garlicholic Fried Rice.
Fragrant and yummy!
nooms.. nooms..

Meat Lover’s Creamy Pizza
i am not a huge fan of pizza, or rather, i dont like pizza.
but this pizza has blown my heart away with the thin crust topped with the abundance of ingredients.

Seafood Pasta
a normal pasta yet with a tinge of garlic makes the pasta more unique and tasty in its own way.

Red Devil - labelled with 2 chillis.
a spicy pasta, more soupy as seen.
a special "soup" pasta. refreshing!

Triple Garlic Pasta - labelled with 2 chillis too.
my order. kinda regretted it
i tot it's just gonna be more garlic. bt the spiciness is so crazy that my scalp are sweating too! i glurp down 4 glasses of water just to eat this. omg this is so crazy!
for those who can take spicy like me, it was really a challenge too. :(
i promised myself not to try this again. i overestimated myself. boo..

Garlic Sprinkled Gelato
yummy i tell u. nt sure is it cos the pasta burnt my tongue or wat, bt this gelato is real yummie.
the garlic sprinkled on it, make me a person who doesnt really fancy vanilla icecream, crave for another serving. *giggles*

not much photos of us at the gathering. cos all of us rch after work. all drained out and almost makeup-less. >.< one candid shot of me and my girl.

Hope the next mth come soon, cant wait for the next meet up sessions!

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