Saturday, August 20, 2011

too fast too furious

too many things happening!!
i tot i was in a dream.
bt in fact everything is for real.

something happen to my fren, which sets me tinking of the current workload.
whtr to stay and be micro-managed, or to leave for a better environment.
not sure if my fren will be back with a letter in her hands for resignation.
part of me wish that she can resign and rest at home. yet the selfish part of my side wans her to stay with me. blah!
decision still lies with her thou.
so many things happening to her, i tink a break for her will be so much better.

all of a sudden, i felt so "retrenched"
yes i seriously mean retrenched.
80% of my workload will be shifted or rather a better word is a restruture is taking place.
i will lose my fren. not sure if that will be a gd move for her.
well. shall see hw tings goes.

it's gonna be my birthday soon.
i hope i have the luxury to celebrate.
no leave for me. YUCKS!

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